Over before it begins

5 02 2008

NewsAs much as we wouldn’t want to admit it, Super Tuesday may be the end of the Presidential Race. There has been a lot of news about which Democrat is ahead among the Democrats and which Republican is ahead among the Republicans, but there has been little news on who’s ahead between the Democrats and Republicans. If elections and Iraq War’s approval ratings are any indication, the country may be swinging Democrat plenty enough to make the final election merely symbolic.

It’s rather unfortunate that this is the case. Our two-party system and the clear similarities between John McCain and George W. Bush nearly preclude him from being considerable. Assuming he wins the nomination over Mitt Romney, it’s hard to imagine the U.S. as it is now voting a majority for him.

This leaves us with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the remaining Democratic candidates. Depending on how Super Tuesday goes, either candidate could have nearly enough delegates to secure the nomination. If previous primaries are any indication, though, it could also be an extremely tight race simply for the Democratic nomination. People say they’re not getting involved in the presidential race yet because it’s too early. Any longer and it might be too late.



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