Dinosaurs in the palm of your hand

11 02 2008

NewsThe fossil of an adult pterodactyl has sent waves of excitement across the scientific community. The pterodactyl was about the size of a sparrow, but had the fully developed bones of an adult. As the smallest pterodactyl on record, it helps to further build the bridge between dinosaurs and birds as we know them today.


Seriously, though, that’s just about the cutest dinosaur I’ve ever seen. And since our visualization of dinosaurs is purely based on artists’ creative license, pictures like this will forever be imprinted in my brain as real.  I’d like to personally thank this artist for his creativity.  The artist even stuck a ladybug in the animal’s mouth to illustrate how small it is. He also stuck a droplet of water about to fall off the tip of the leaf to symbolize how ephemeral life is. The creature evolves. The creature goes extinct. Or maybe the artist was just showing off his mad painting skills with a glistening droplet of water. I prefer to think that the artist took a cool picture with a water droplet he found on the internet and simply painted over it now including the dinosaur. That way our self-esteem isn’t lowered by the photo-realism of the picture, which must have been created in a very short time to come out in the news so quickly. Sorry, I’m bored today.




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11 02 2008

Latest threat to self-esteem: photo-realism. More at 11.

11 02 2008

You’d be surprised what all is a threat to self-esteem.

12 02 2008

…but sadly I lack the necessary faculties to be fully apprised of the gravity of the self-esteem threat.

10 07 2008


Really dug the “tiny pterodactyl” piece from your 2/11/08 blog entry. Do you happen to know how/where I could find more art from this artist?



11 07 2008

All I know is the artists’ names: Chuang Zhao and Lida Xing. They recreate fossils and bones in paintings. You can try searching for them online if you want to try and “dig up” more.

1 12 2008

This is done in 3D …its not a painting. But very cute though

2 12 2008

Thank you for this.

29 12 2008

Pterodactyls were NOT dinosaurs, although they are closely-related groups.

29 04 2009

so cute

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