Remember when Pluto was… plutoed?

18 02 2008

HolidaysIn celebration of Pluto Day, I will reflect on the sudden ripping of Pluto from all our cherished elementary school memories. Here is an small expanse of silence in memory of the the planets mnemonic we all learned: My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine

And now for the new mnemonic devices to mess with the minds of a new age of poor innocent children:

Many Venerated Experts Make Jest, Screwing Up mNemonic

Man Verifies Eight Masses, Just Slightly Under Nine

Or God forbid:

My Very Educated Mother Clearly Just Showed Us New Planets Can X-ist (including Ceres, Pluto, Charon, and Xena)

I say let’s just keep adding new planets. The more letters there are to memorize, the more those children will have to think about what a horrible idea it was to remove a planet. Then, when they grow up and the mnemonic contains forty words, they’ll realize that our childhood memories should have just been left alone.




2 responses

19 02 2008

After reading all of these, I miss you. 😦

19 02 2008

My Very Exasperated Mother Just Screamed Utter Nonsense

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