The Antichrist for President?

4 03 2008

ArticlesThere is an odd little buzz going around drawing attention the Barack Obama’s similarities to the Biblical Antichrist. There are even blogs being created for the sake of pondering this question. It struck me as odd because I was under the impression that Hillary Clinton was supposed to be the butt of all jokes Satan-related. Now I’m supposed to believe both Democratic candidates are apostles of evil?


This worries me only because I’m still confident of my assertion that a Democrat will be the next President of the United States. George W. Bush’s approval ratings are still pushing for new lows, so I don’t see how the percentage for his Republican successor, John McCain, could go above 50%. Then again, unforeseen events always have the potential to completely change the direction of anyone’s campaign.

I maintain that if nothing substantial happens in the U.S. or the world between now and the Fall, the Democratic candidate will win the Presidency. Therefore, it’s extremely important what happens in the Democratic Primaries today, primarily in Ohio and Texas. We could be choosing quite literally the lesser of two evils, either Satan or the Antichrist. We’ve been faced with campaigns that deliberate non-issues like Health Care, Iraq, and immigration. It’s time we look at the real issue.

Teachings suggest that the Antichrist will rise to power via the same path as the true Chris, with great charisma and messages of peace and hope. He will be given spiritual powers by dark forces as well as by people who see him as a modern messiah. Finally, he will obtain authority over the entire Earth and become untouchable by all mortals who oppose him.

Satan, on the other hand, has had a much broader spectrum of meanings for people. Generally, it is used to describe either Lucifer, the Fallen Angel, or to any of many embodiments of evil and temptation. Many believe we are dealing with the works of Satan on a daily basis.

Between the two, one path is obviously much more bleak than the other. However, when people rally so fervently for “change,” change will come, whether it be good or bad. We have dealt with Hillary’s kind before, but are we really prepared for what change may come with Barack?



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4 03 2008
Tim Kurek

Lol this is a funny blog! Hillary would have to be the antiChrist if either of them really are haha. Shes a trip!

tim kurek

4 03 2008

well considering the fact that the real person behind the skin has been really expressing himself positively what would you mean when he says hey how can one move forward without leaning back now will the antichrist have time to plan how to rule the US when he has eternal power to rule the world? wait I thought he just said Jesus well maybe I’m mistaken but if the antichrist is already here then u’re soo damned he’s here to condemn so u already are and so u’l think harder don’t say it outside they’ll turn you inside out!???!!!!!

4 03 2008

Umm…Am I crazy or does the previous comment even make sense. I’m not sure most of that is even intelligible.

That’s an interesting thought. Of course, many people always try to guess who the anti-Christ will be/is. Some said Hitler. They were wrong. Could it be Obama? Yes, but none of us would actually know that. Am I worried? No.

It also says that we will neither know the day nor the hour of God’s return; therefore, would we honestly be able to accurately pick out the anti-Christ? Even so, there are so many ideas concerning the Revelation timeline that I doubt that a majority of people, let alone Christians would ever believe that.

That’s a very interesting thought though. Definitely worth a second thought.

4 03 2008

Lol. I think I mentioned how interesting that thought was a few too many times.

But it really was an interesting thought. 😉

4 03 2008
Tim Kurek

Lol Tobi, you are funny… Your blog makes virtually no sense… but okay.


4 03 2008

Yep, Barack Obama spells trouble. His severe abortion stance, that a baby born alive through abortion should not be given any aid to live but just left to die, is nothing but Satan-approved, and it is astonishing that more people aren’t repulsed by this. But B.O. is able to “fool” people over and over again, until they see this man of “hope” and “change” as “extraordinary, even god-like.” If you like Barack Obama, I would encourage you to read more about him before you vote.

4 03 2008
Doubting Thomas

I think that rebublicans are the true demons! George W. Bush is a member of skull and bones secret society wich is purely satanic cult and they uses many satanic symbols. And what really happened in 9/11? You should explore those many evidences that your covernment was involved in that horrible terror act!! War between christians and muslims is just what satan wants us to do! Its not gods will! God hates war and satan loves war! BUSH loves war too! These are the facts.

4 03 2008
Doubting Thomas

Democrats and rebublicans are the same shit in a different package!!!

4 03 2008

This was a different and strangely entertaining blog

6 03 2008

Will Barack Obama fulfill the prophecies cerning the antichrist? Perhaps, but only if he is a Muslim?

I can prove that the antichrist will be Muslim, and that this future charismatic leader will be their long awaited Mahdi (meaning “the guided one) who will declare himself Allah at the abomination of desolation.

In 2 Thessalonians it says that “the man of lawlessness will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God and worshiped”.

In other words, he will declare himself God, but what god? And of what religion?

In Daniel 2 we have the prophecy of king Nebuchadnezzer’s vision called the “Great image”. This image consisted of five future kingdoms that would rule over Israel, beginning with Nebuchadnezzer’s Babylon.

The fifth and last kingdom, would be a kingdom that would rule in the last days, the Bible says that this kingdom would be one of both mire and metal or “iron mixed with clay”, the key word being mixed.

I believe it’s not a coincidence that this verb mixed occurs only three times throughout the bible and all three occurrence are found in Daniel 2: 40-43.

So by knowing the Aramaic and Hebrew meaning of this verb, we can understanding what form of governments the iron and clay depict, and we can know the identity of this last days religion.

What is the translation of this verb mixed? It is the word “Arab.”

Now here’s the kicker! We know that any religion outside of Christianity is a religion built by Lucifer in the spirit of antichrist. Right?

Now in Isaiah 14: 13-14 (a prophecy about Lucifer’s fall) it says:

‘You (Lucifer) said in your heart’ “I will ascend to heaven; I will raise my throne above the stars of God… I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.”

The Hebrew word for “ascend”, as in “I will ascend to heaven… I will make myself like the Most High”. Is the word Allah.

Go to my website and learn more.

6 03 2008
Doubting Thomas

You dont know shit!

6 03 2008

On the contrary, I think he’s very well-informed in reference to the Bible. However, I think some of you are taking this post just a tad too seriously. The post was meant to be a bit tongue-in-cheek.

9 03 2008

LOL @ politcal “antichrists.” The words antichrist and antichrists appear in the First and Second Epistle of John. The Bible does not point to only one person as being the antichrist but speaks of a class of persons. John speaks of “many anti-Christs” who embody the spirit of the anti-Christ. John wrote that such anti-Christs (or opponents of Christ) would deny “that Jesus is the Christ”, “the Father and the Son”, and would “not confess Jesus came in the flesh.”

15 01 2009
Adrian Peirson

they are all Antichrists

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