“The Fourth Side” itself is drawn from the idea that there are three basic stances toward a given idea: for, against, and neutral/apathetic. The fourth perspective states that something about the idea itself could be flawed or misinterpreted, subsequently rendering all three stances invalid. Also the fourth wall in traditional theatre signifies the separation between the performers and reality. A performer “breaks” the fourth wall by giving any recognition that the audience exists. Likewise, “The Fourth Side” wishes to push a bit beyond what we perceive as reality. Other sources include the term “flipside,” which can refer to a reverse or contrasted aspect of something, and “The Far Side,” a hilariously bizarre comic strip by Gary Larson that entertains a much more amusing (if not preferable) reality than our own.

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5 03 2008

you point out the fatal flaw in Boolean Logic – the yes / no state. Many so-called paradoxes (like the ones the Greeks fumbled with) are really just invalid propositions. Binary systems (and hence computers) don’t even recognise the neutral / apathetic state … this condition triggers the Turing Halting Problem, where a problem is insoluble, and so it analysed forever. The computer’s task here never finishes, like the human mind pondering an imponderable.

The Forth Side could also be an elevated view, seeing things from a Higher Perspective. With this “god-like” view, everything fits together into a seamless unity; there are no issues or debates to be had; it just Is. Only when we see Pieces and not the Whole do things look unresolved.

you have an original and well-defined voice. We need more people like you.

be in peace friend.

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