HolidaysHolidays– Somewhere, right now, people are dedicating today to some function, some belief, some tradition, somebody, or possibly themselves. The only important question here is, “Why aren’t you?”

ObservationsObservations– People often do extraordinary things. More often than not, only I notice. Then, for some reason, I consider the many possible implications of the extraordinary occurrence, something no sane person has time to do. Then I consider the possibility that my insanity is the only implication.

ArticlesArticles– People have the capacity to state both the profound and the absurd with an unreasonable degree of confidence. I have the capacity to respond with equally profound or absurd criticism, depending on what degree of confidence I have in myself.

QuotesQuotes of the day– The English language is often up for interpretation. People often say what they don’t mean and don’t even realize it. The quotes of the ancients are just as up for interpretation as everything I say and hear daily.

PlugsPlugs– Some things are just so noteworthy, inspirational, or otherwise extraordinary that I can’t help but promote them to everyone I see. Obviously, my tastes won’t reflect everyone’s tastes, but hopefully I can pique your interest occasionally.

NewsNews– Things never stop happening in the world around us. As a result, we are left to fend for ourselves in a constant onslaught of new information and realizations. It’s hard to think about one discovery or incident for too long, but heaven knows I try.

FeaturesFeatures– These are entries I mark either as important to me or potentially important to you. While not suggesting I don’t put forth substantial effort into the creation of every post, features tend to be more thought out and hopefully more meaningful.

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1 03 2009

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