Why American Idol Season 8 is already the worst

5 03 2009

NewsQuite simply, this is the worst American Idol thus far. I had expected so much, since this format had saved one of the best competitors ever, Clay Aiken, when they used it in Season 2. I have been let down, and not just by the judges, whose weird bias toward each contestant really had nothing to do with singing at all. I have been let down by the American people, who, more than any season ever before, have voted for inspirational stories over actual singing skills. This is not a choose-you-own-adventure TV drama. These are the people who will be selling CDs in your local Best Buy. No one ever buys music because the person was a stay-at-home mom or had a rough childhood.


My top three women of the entire competition – we’re talking I may have wanted them all in the final six – did not even make the Wild Card round. That means they didn’t make the Top 17 (Nine are already in the Top 12, plus eight made it to the Wild Card round). In other words, cutting the Top 36 in half, my top three, Mishavonna Henson, Felicia Barton, and Kristen McNamara, were dropped.

On the semi-bright side, most of my top picks after them are still in it or being considered: Allison Iraheta, Lil Rounds, Megan Corkrey, Jesse Langseth, and Tatiana Del Toro (No one actually hates her for her voice). This season has already been dubbed a men’s season, but it was a self-fulfilling prophesy with no basis in actual talent. Vote out great female singers in favor of mediocre male singers like Michael Sarver and Scott McIntyre and you have a mediocre male-dominated season. Congratulations.

:::EDIT:::  Six of the now Top Thirteen were in my dream Top Twelve. That’s less than 50%. Fantabulous.

:::EDIT::: Matt Giraud, Ricky Braddy, Jasmine Murray, and Tatiana Del Toro annihilated the other four in the wild card round. Apparently, this performance had absolutely no bearing on the selection of the four moving on. I suppose the problem was that they couldn’t pick three more guys (having already picked six), so they left the arguably superior Ricky Braddy out in the cold, in favor of the Coldplay-destroying Matt and producer-favorite Anoop. Of course, they wouldn’t have run into this problem if Michael Sarver hadn’t been voted through for no apparent reason, so the blame still lies with voters, not the judges. Fantabulous squared.