Happy Chocolate Consumption Day!

15 02 2008

HolidaysPeople across America have a love/hate relationship with Valentines Day, much in the same way they often have a love/hate relationship with their valentines. Of course, chocolates and other gifts make that all better. For those who are depressed and their valentine-less state, chocolate make a wonderful comfort food. For those who are glad to be single with no expensive responsibilities to others, chocolate can add to the celebration. All in all, America has gained more than a few collective pounds within twenty four hours. Add to that the groundbreaking discovery that artificial sweetener can contribute to weight gain. (gasp!) You didn’t actually think the word diet in front of the word cola made it healthy, did you?


Anyway, there are also people like me who failed to realize what day it was. While I do not advocate apathy, Valentine’s Day is certainly a good holiday to try and skip over if you can. Love/hate relationships just aren’t usually worth it.