Sue the sun for global warming: Part Two

11 03 2008

NewsRecently I posted Sue the sun for global warming, in which I observed the growing trend of people suing for damages caused by things completely out of their control (like the Sun). In just a few weeks, however, things have worsened much more quickly than I expected. Three conservation groups are now suing the U.S. Government (specifically the Department of the Interior) for not deciding whether polar bears should be listed as endangered or not quickly enough.


They aren’t suing because the Government promised to help an endangered species and have failed to do so; The Department of the Interior is literally being sued for not deciding whether an animal is, in fact, endangered, thus (I suppose) endangering it. “Doing nothing means extinction for the polar bear,” the groups have said, backing their actions. Likewise, if a doctor initially said he would know whether a patient has cancer or not in a week, and if when that date arrives, he says he needs one more day, he’d better just give up now, because the patient will die of cancer.

Speaking of patients, what about patience? Putting polar bears on an endangered species list won’t automatically cause them to survive longer. Research must be done anyway, and research takes time. Deadline dates for decisions to either put or not put an animal on an endangered species list seem trivial.

Most important of all, suing? They are suing the government for money? “You told me that you would know whether one of the millions of animal species was endangered by today! But you still don’t know. Give me a million bucks to cope with the trauma you have caused.” Yes, I admit conservation is expensive, but this just seems like a scheme to steal from the government when they slip up a little. Give the government a break and let them decide if any of your efforts to save an animal from extinction are even necessary (and in effect, if your suing is necessary). That is, after all, what you asked them to do.

Saving the world one extinct species at a time

10 03 2008

NewsI try not to focus on politics too much in the blog, but it seems I completely failed last week. Politics are just so controversial.

So to lighten up the mood a little bit, I have very exciting news. Pygmy hippos, previously feared extinct, have been rediscovered in the wild. Thanks to the Zoological Society of London, hidden cameras were planted in Liberia and successfully taped the adorable little animals (you know you want one).


The area has been ravaged lately by civil wars, poaching, and habitat degradation. Luckily the animals are elusive and secretive enough to stay out the public eye and survive in isolated swamps and rivers. Because they are listed on the endangered species list, conservationists are keen on assisting the animals.

However, in this instance, I would recommend just leaving them alone. Clearly the only reason they have survived so far is by pretending to be extinct. That’s probably the cleverest of tactics in world full of people crying to interfere.  Once humans are involved, their gig is up and no doubt they’ll go extinct for real.  No one would wish that upon those cute animals.