Quote of the day 2

2 02 2008

Quotes“How can I convince you to trust me?” -The Fourth Side

Trust is an important issue in the world today. World leaders are chosen based on the trust people have in them. Loving relationships are based around complete trust two individuals have in one another. But in general, people have an inherent distrust in others that is hard to overcome. With the pain and suffering that is displayed across TV and news, it’s hard not to be wary of strangers and their motives. In fact, we have settled into a situation where people seem more surprised by good Samaritans than by people who lie or ignore the hardship of others. People ask, “What’s the catch?” Response: “There is none.” “You’re lying. What’s the catch?”

So “how can I convince you to trust me?” Every single day we guess people’s motives. No matter how much they attempt to convince us of the truth, we can never be completely sure, which is why this quote is so perplexing. The question itself doesn’t imply good intentions or bad intentions. It’s completely ambiguous. If I asked it to you, you would not know if trusting me would lead to extortion and backstabbing or to a bonding relationship. So how do you answer? You answer, “Why do you deserve my trust?” No matter what gesture I make, what experiences I have had, what emotion I show, you can never know for certain that it isn’t all just a farce as well.

Yet, every day people choose to trust people based on assumed reasons. People assert the truths and lies behind every single motion of political candidates. Often, major changes in the world can be based on the trust in chosen political figures. Trust is a source of hope that drives people and promotes lasting relationships. It also can destroy hope when trust is shattered. Where is the balance between basing trust on hope and understanding that every person in the world, good or evil or simply misleading, is trying to convince us to trust them?

On the other side of things, it’s depressing to know that no matter how much you want to convince someone to trust you, sometimes it’s just not possible.