When communism and chaos collide

30 01 2008

NewsRecently, China has been forced to face a conflict of its own interests. As a “communist” state, the government expresses a large amount of control over its people and attempts to regulate and censor every form of media released to the public. This has become increasingly important as the Shanghai Summer Olympics draw nearer and China wishes to create as good impression to the rest of the world as possible.

However, a meteor called the internet has crashed into the country and is wreaking havoc. China has nearly surpassed the U.S. as the country with the most people connected to the internet, and the business industry is realizing all the benefits of instant connection to resources and people. As we know, though, the internet is an uncontrollable monster. It can’t be regulated in the same way a newspaper of TV show can. Popular Chinese video upload sites, akin to YouTube, have made the government go ballistic as indecent and unacceptable videos are free for the world to see. It’s a nightmare of image control vs. economic growth. How does one find balance?

The owners of major internet companies in China are not as worried about the problem. That’s because they know (as well as we do) that the internet cannot be stopped once it has been set loose. They are hauling in loads of cash, laughing at the government as it chases after the beast with a butterfly net.