Pug eyes for world peace

10 02 2008

ObservationsI have seen some guilt-inducing advertisements before, but this one is just cruel:


What makes this ad even more sad is the fact that there is no false advertising or misleading commentary. I have absolutely no doubt that there are multiple pugs named Otis waiting to be adopted in animal shelters. I know this, but I like to keep it at the back of my mind, because thinking about all the dogs waiting for families is just too depressing. Adding another level of cruelty, the pug’s name is Otis, playing with my childhood memories of the movie, Milo and Otis:


In it, Milo the cat and Otis the pug go on adventures trying to survive in the wild. How can I not be emotionally affected by those sad eyes? Look into those eyes and you know you have to get a dog.




3 responses

11 02 2008

You wanted a cat. You don’t love Gypsy. D:

3 09 2008

look up “animal cruelty milo and otis” sometime. i just purchased the movie. great movie. but… apparently the cat dies a few time in the movie and we don’t know it.

19 01 2009

where is this pug otis? what shelter

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